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Starkstrukk - 3OH!3 ft. Katy Perry

Starkstrukk - 3OH!3 ft. Katy Perry

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mngy murmured: how can we know that you already do our requests since you post many images 

I haven’t done any requests lately so that could be it. Also there’s a search bar now you can look for whatever artist you requested and if it’s listed I did it.

Posted 4 years ago
mooglemandy-deactivated20130221 murmured: You should change your name to iusephotoshopcs4.tumblr.com or something since people keep asking you what program you use. :)) JK. ;)
Nice siteee. :) I<3 it. 

ahaahha! I lol’d at this. Thank you for enjoying our site :)

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bethurz murmured: How do you decide which images are appropriate for the text you're making into a graphic? 

I usually read the lyrics and if there’s something in them that is obvious and I can find a picture of ex) fireworks, I find a picture of that. If not I’ll find a picture of the band, or artist that sings the song or said the quote.

Posted 4 years ago
tracethemoment-deactivated20121 murmured: hi(: i use photoshop too. what kind of fonts do you use most/like best. 

hi! the fonts that I like best/mostly use are helvetica, learning curve, and context.

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If you have facebook .... 

take a minute and vote! It doesn’t take much time and it’s for a good cause!
like this if you vote! I just wanna know how many people actually go and do it :)

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binds-deactivated20110121 murmured: Hello, I just wanted to say that I love all the graphics you make. I'm really interested in graphic design and typography so your Tumblr is really inspiring! :) What program do you use and how long have you been making graphics? 

Aweh! I’m glad that we inspire you. I love graphic design/typography aswell.  I use Photoshop, sometimes GIMP and photofiltre to add little things on. I’ve been making them forever, just for fun and not even showing them to people. I started doing this tumblr in the summer though. It’s a good way to waste time. :)

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itsafreeworld-deactivated201003 murmured: How do you make word graphics with pictures overlay-ed (?) on the text? :D 

I make them using photoshop, or gimp.

Posted 4 years ago
remapppingthesoul murmured: how do you make those graphics! those with the white background and the words made out of the images... they're really pretty :) 

I use Photoshop :)

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amandabalagot murmured: Hi, I'm sure you get this question a lot, but how do you make your graphics? 

I make them using photoshop, sometimes GIMP and photofiltre for extra stuff. :)

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